SoftMouse.NET’s Report

Make Data-Driven Discovery Easy


SoftMouse.NET’s Report module saves researchers hours of time with automatic, scheduled, and custom reports

  • Access a wide range of reporting metrics to review your animal data such as Date of Birth, Date of Death, Sex, Strain, Owner, Wean Date, and more!
  • Gain regular real-time insight to take a pulse on your colony’s status with scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom timed reports.
  • Unlock Time and Resource Savings by Automating the report generation process straight to your email.

Real Time Colony Insights Right at your Fingertips

SoftMouse.NET’s Report can pull queries for a variety of topics including:

  • Animal Growth Analysis Reports:

    Generate reports on Animals' growth metrics, including Date of Birth, Date of Weaning, and Weight at different time points, providing valuable data on development and overall health.

  • Assess breeding efficiency by tracking the Number of Litters Born, Breeding Pairs, and Litter Size, empowering researchers to optimize breeding strategies.

  • Create reports on Strains and Genotypes, helping researchers identify patterns and correlations in genetic data for targeted investigations.

  • Utilize parameters like Type of Death and Sex to conduct survival analysis, aiding in disease models and longevity studies.

  • Generate reports on Supplier and Stock Levels, enabling efficient resource management for reagents and supplies.

Easily Build Reports to View Data, Your Way

Personalized Insights Made Simple! With our Report Module, In Vivo Researchers have the freedom to choose metrics, parameters, and frequency of reports that matter most. Quickly craft dynamic reports that align with your specific experimental requirements.
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Precision, Consistency, and Compliance Meets Regulatory Confidence

Automated processes ensure data accuracy and consistency, minimizing the pitfalls of manual reporting. For Biotech companies and researchers in regulated settings, our automated reports instill confidence, meeting compliance requirements with ease and accuracy.

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- Harrison Liu

I find SoftMouse.NET to be amazing in streamlining our day to day operations.

- Noelle N.

SoftMouse.NET has made my life easier, I love how it helps me stay organized. I can’t imagine my life without it now! Their customer service is top-notch and walked us through evey step of the process.

- Tara S.

Softmouse.NET for us results in savings vs expense. In terms of cost comparisons-one can have a Softmouse.NET annual license or 1.6 cages of mice a year at 56 cents per cage per day or for us we figured housing six mice in a year. Having a handle on the mouse inventories is a no brainer.

- Savannah W.

Previous reliance on spreadsheets led to a sense of dissatisfaction and inefficiency in our management efforts. SoftMouse.NET has proven to be an invaluable tool, allowing us to effectively manage resources and users within our lab through a dynamic, multi-user, and readily available online platform. The level of customer support and the quality of FAQs provided is exceptional

- Wan-Jin

I am really impressed by all the breeding functions that are available. I'm looking forward to starting to use the function for my ongoing mouse breeding