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SoftMouse tracks your mice, rats, breeding, cages, litters.
Access and update your colony data on a mobile device (iPad, Android tablet) right from your animal facility!
SoftMouse is simply the most intuitive online and mobile e-labbook colony management system.

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Smart Colony Management

SoftMouse Features

Smart Colony Management

Predict More Accurately with Colony Management, Breeding Tracking, Study Management

  • Mouseline
  • Mice
  • Cages
  • Matings
  • Litters
  • Filtering
  • Upload Files
  • Projects
  • Experiments
  • Family Tree
  • Data sharing
  • Collaboration

Plan and Execute Breeding Schemas

The SoftMouse Mating Record allows you to plan and execute both complex and simple breeding schemas.

Male rotations, trio or harem breeding, timed matings, or simple singly paired males and females - your SoftMouse Mating Record can do it all!

Whether you are expanding your colony or simply maintaining your lines, you will always know when to check for new litters, when to retire your breeders and when to set up new pairs.
Track Simple and Complex Genotypes

Your research relies on the accuracy and traceability of your colony's genotyping results. Poorly recorded genotypes can result in months of wasted efforts, wasted grant dollars and most importantly non-compliance with the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement).

SoftMouse makes genotype recording easy, standardized and searchable. Customize your Gene and Allele drop down lists based on the standard nomenclature and simply pick and choose the gene/allele combinations that make up the genotype based on your results.

Complete your record keeping by uploading genotype gel images to mice or litters for future reference. Yes, that's right, no more cutting and pasting gel images into your lab book!
Email Alerts and Date-Dependent Events

What is research, let alone colony management, without a calendar of events?!

Wean dates, plug dates, breeder replacement dates, surgery dates, injection dates, infusion dates, procedure dates, weight tracking dates...the best way to not miss a date is to be reminded, of course!

Use the SoftMouse calendar and email alerts to stay on top of your research activities and automate your workflow. You will never miss a time-critical event again!
Colony Counts, Statistics and Reports

With SoftMouse, getting total real time counts of your colony is just a click away!

A quick click on your Mouseline list will show you just how many alive mouse/rat records, cages, mating records and unweaned litters you have, all broken down by line! Using data that you inputted into your account, you can also see stats on your lines to get a better idea on breeding performance.

Information on past records and along with detailed reports can be pulled out using the comprehensive Mouse Filter. Tracking your mouse counts toward your protocol limits has never been easier!

Tracing Lineage and Family Tree

SoftMouse automatically links litters to their parents. As a result, you will have a comprehensive lineage of all mice entered into your database as your colony grows.

Use the in page navigation to get One-Click Access to related mice, or the Family Tree feature to visualize the generational relationships between the mice in your colony.

When selecting mice for matings, at a glance you can now ensure you avoid, or select for, animals from the same litter, same parents or same background strain.
Plan Experiments and Spot Trends

With the SoftMouse filtering tools, you can quickly locate animals for experiments. A quick search can narrow down your colony by mouseline, genotpye, age, sex, cage location, and any other parameter you wish to search by.

Simply select your cohort and add them to an experimental record. From here, you can customize your Study Design and input the experimental variables you wish to track. Set a timecourse for ongoing tasks, such as weight tracking or tumor growth size measurement or drug treatments - whatever your experiment calls for!

Finally your SoftMouse Calendar will automatically keep track of all of your important dates. And even more will send you email alerts so you never miss a time sensitive task again!
Cage Card Printing and Exporting

Never write out a paper cage card again with the new customizable SoftMouse Cage Card feature!

Simply customize your cage card templates for both mating cards and stock cards, then any time you wean a litter, set up a new mating cage, or simply move mice around, click the Print Cage Cards button to generate the new cards.

Every list also comes with an export button which allows you to quickly export a filters list of records to keep for local storage or email to a colleague.
Data Centralization and Upload Files

The best part about using SoftMouse is that all of you data is not only standardized, but centralized in one secure location, accessible from any device.

Use the upload file feature to ensure all relevant mouse data is attached to key records, such as genotype gel images, necropsy reports, histology data, genotyping protocols, mouseline characteristics, etc.

Word docs, Spreadsheets, PDF files, any image files, any stat files, all are accepted!
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