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SoftMouse tracks your mice, rats, breeding, cages, litters.
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Your data can tell a story about your colony, but it needs to be integrated into a single standardized system for meaningful information to be drawn. SoftMouse is continually working to streamline your workflow by offering valuable integrations. We’re excited to announce that SoftMouse has integrated with RapID Lab's RapID Tags® to automatically match the ID colours with our cage-card and mouse labels. Using RapID tags in SoftMouse offers the following benefits:

RapID Tags are humane, automated, and cost effective mini-ear tags that provide fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The 2-D barcode scans instantly while providing millions of unique IDs while the multiple colors allow for immediate secondary visual identification. RapID Tags are minimally invasive and are even MRI and autoclave compatible.

To get started, simply change the physical ID field to the scanned value of the RapID tag. It’s that easy. If you require more in depth education, Please Click here and contact the SoftMouse Team.


SoftMouse has integrated with RapID Lab's to automatically match the ID colours with
our cage-card and mouse labels, offering you:


Color printing is important to print out the Mouseline color dots as well as integration with RapID Lab's colored tags, which integrate with SoftMouse.

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