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Rodent Colony Management
Database & Software

SoftMouse tracks your mice, rats, breeding, cages, litters.
Access and update your colony data on a mobile device (iPad, Android tablet) right from your animal facility!
SoftMouse is simply the most intuitive online and mobile e-labbook colony management system.

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Smart Colony Management
Support Desk 24/7

We Are Here To Help Your Digital Breeding & Colony Management Partner

The Iseehear Support Desk is available 24 / 7 to assist you as much (or as little!) as you need. Contact us using any of the following mediums:

  • Email Us 24/7: [email protected]

  • Telephone: +1 416 492 4358 (Toronto, Worldwide)
  • Toll Free: 1 844 559 6322 (United States & Canada)
If you would like to set up a time to speak, please email [email protected] with the time and phone number at which you can be reached. The Iseehear Subscription Agreement can be found at the following link: The Iseehear Subscription Agreement

Getting Started With SoftMouse

  1. Register at the SoftMouse DB Registration Page to create an account.

  2. If you require assistance on Getting started with entering your colony or breeding data into SoftMouse, please visit: the SoftMouse FAQ site for tips and suggestions.

  3. If you would like to import your mouse colony data from a spreadsheet or from an existing mouse colony database application, please contact us or read additional about our Simple Data Import Tool here.

Simple Data Import

I Forgot My Password

Please follow the steps below if you have forgotten your password to your Iseehear web property:
  1. Go to www.SoftMouse.NET
  2. In the login box, click the link "Forgot your password?"
  3. In the pop up box, fill in the fields and click Submit
  4. Check your email for the new temporary password
  5. Login to your account and reset your password in the My Profile page
Note: To ensure that you receive emails from Iseehear, we recommend that you adjust your e-mail filtering program to include the "iseehear.com" domain in your safe e-mail list.

Inactive Users

Click these links at the SoftMouse FAQ to understand: What is an Inactive User and Why Would a SoftMouse Account Access be Deactivated.

How to reactivate access to your SoftMouse FOREVER FREE account?

Click this button: Contact Support Desk and follow these steps:

1. Provide your First Name
2. Provide your Last Name
3. Provide your Email Address
4. Paste this text in the Subject Line:
"Please activate access to my SoftMouse account"
5. In the comment field, please provide Username, Email Address.

Once we receive the above information, we will reactivate your account asap!

Note: if your account access has been deactivated, please rest assured that your data will still reside in the SoftMouse database. Should your account be reactivated, you will have full access to the last iteration of your data before your account access was deactivated.

Example of Support Desk Contact Form

I Cannot Login

The tips and steps below are for registered subscribers:
  1. Please confirm that you have the correct website address in your browser: https://www.SoftMouse.NET
  2. Please refresh the login access page then re-enter your username and password.
  3. Please check that you are logging in with your correct username and password. If unsure, please contact your lab account administrator or your SoftMouse Representative.
  4. Please make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is turned off when entering your user name and password.
  5. If you have 3 unsuccessful attempted logins, then on your forth attempt the Security Code requirement will appear.
  6. If you are unable to login after trying the above suggestions please contact [email protected].

Create An Account

Why must an account be created?
An account is necessary so that any data that you input and wish to save in the SoftMouse database will be specifically associated with your research and no one else.

  1. Simply click the button that says "Sign up 30 DAY TRIAL" or "Start 30 DAY TRIAL" or "Create an Account" or "Register".
  2. Fill in your information in the Registration Form.
  3. Click submit
  4. Begin entering data into your personal SoftMouse account.
Create An Account

Registration Form

Schedule A Demo

Email us at [email protected] with a date and time that is convenient with your schedule and we will gladly give you an online tour of SoftMouse

Schedule A Demo »

Schedule a Demo

E-mail SPAM And Security Filters

Your Iseehear - SoftMouseDB account information communicated through email may be affected by any e-mail filtering "SPAM". To ensure that you receive emails from Iseehear, we recommend that you adjust your e-mail filtering program to include the "iseehear.com" domain in your safe e-mail list.

Scheduled Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures

To maintain the highest levels of quality in our data centers, Iseehear must periodically perform scheduled system maintenance and upgrades. The Scheduled Upgrades and System Maintenance Procedures assist us in ensuring the relevance, security and performance of the Iseehear systems.

  1. When required, all scheduled upgrades and system maintenance procedures are conducted on Friday and or Saturday evenings at 8:00 p.m. EST (Toronto) in order to minimize inconvenience to our subscribers around the world.
  2. Iseehear will provide advance notice of Scheduled Upgrades and System Maintenance Procedures to ensure subscribers have sufficient time to plan and prepare for the temporary service interruption.
  3. Application access will be temporarily unavailable in order to execute the upgrade or system maintenance procedures.
  4. Dates and times for all scheduled upgrades and system maintenance procedures will be posted in advance in the Notice Board section on the login access page, on the Support Desk Blogs and via Support Desk Twitter posts.
  5. Upgrades to the application will not affect the data that you have entered into the system.

Scheduled Upgrades

Emergency Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures

Emergency Upgrades and System Maintenance Procedures are unscheduled procedures performed in order to keep the Iseehear systems and services performing at first-in-class service levels if a server issue is noticed.

Iseehear will post a notice message to the Notice Board section on the login access pages and on the Iseehear Blogs and Iseehear Twitter account. Subscribers will also receive an emergency maintenance notice email informing them of the unscheduled event.

Iseehear will keep you informed of our progress and estimated time to resumption of affected systems and services.

Emergency Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures will be posted on the Notice Board section on the login access page, on the Support Desk Blogs and via Support Desk Twitter posts.

To learn more about Emergency Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures, click here.
To learn more about Disaster Recovery & Research Continuity, click here.

Disaster Recovery &
Research Continuity

Site Maintenance Page Message

A Site Maintenance Page indicates that system maintenance procedures are in progress.

During this procedure, your account will be temporarily unavailable.

SoftMouse Browser Requirements

SoftMouseDB is compatible with the following Internet browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge. We recommend the use of one of these supported browsers for an optimal workflow experience with your SoftMouseDB account.

Desktop Requirements for SoftMouse.NET

The only hardware requirements necessary to access SoftMouse.NET is a desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows or an Apple MAC.
That is it.

Recommended mobile devices for SoftMouse.NET

Preferred Recommendations

Our first 3 choices are:
  1. Apple iPad Learn more: www.apple.com/ipad   
  2. Google Pixel Book Learn more: www.store.google.com/product/google_pixelbook   
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro Learn more: www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/devices/surface-pro-4/overview   
These devices are certainly more on the pricier end. That said, if you are looking for timely feature updates, Operating System (OS) updates and security updates, we strongly recommend going with a brand (Apple, Google or Microsoft) that has full control on timely OS updates.

Please review SoftMouse browser requirements.

Secondary Android Tablet Alternatives

There is of course an array of other Android tablets, e.g. tablets using customized versions of the Android operating system (Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Dell, Huawei, Asus, …).

Please be aware that for Android tablets not provided by Google directly, features are not updated regularly, the operating system is not updated regularly and security patches are not updated regularly. For this reason, we don't recommend non-Apple, Google or Microsoft devices.

If you would like to discuss these options further, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or on our office line 416 492 4358 and we'd be happy to go over the options in more detail.

Document Printing

The documents you can download from our web properties are saved in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Software installed on your computer to be able to read or print the documents. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from Adobe.

Web Administrator

If you are experiencing any problems with loading or navigating this website, please report any difficulties or provide us with your feedback at [email protected].

Contact us about workflow consultations, online demo or personalized online training

Contact Us

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