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Rodent Colony Management
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SoftMouse tracks your mice, rats, breeding, cages, litters.
Access and update your colony data on a mobile device (iPad, Android tablet) right from your animal facility!
SoftMouse is simply the most intuitive online and mobile e-labbook colony management system.

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Smart Colony Management

The only fit-for-purpose Animal Data Platform
built for in vivo research groups of all sizes


Digital Mouse Colony Management Experts

The most Intuitive Rodent Colony Management System.
SoftMouse.NET gives you the right tools to
efficiently manage your colony.   Read more ...

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SoftMouse.NET serves the needs of the following communities

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Save time, reduce errors, and improve research and experiment efficiency

Maintain complete records of colony use and ensure protocol compliance

Offer a transparent service to foster confidence in your customers

Manage study cohorts, ensure colony health, gain control over costs

SoftMouse.NET Workflow Management Features

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image1 Colony Management

Make error-prone colony data a thing of the past!
Keeping up-to-date colony records is the first step in ensuring a healthy colony and accurate experimental results. Use SoftMouse's intuitive navigation to maintain control over your colony's production and per diems.
image1 Project Management

Make your experiment planning fast and easy!
Use the advanced filter to quickly locate available mice for your experiments based on age, genotype and gender. Design a study with your variables (e.g. weight, tumor growth, etc.) and receive email alerts for key dates.
image1 Task Management

Streamline all your mouse-related tasks!
Make it accessible from anywhere on any device. No more surcharges for missed wean dates, and no more pasting genotype gel images into lab books - simply upload your files straight to your mouse records.

SoftMouse.NET: Mobile Colony Management Database Software is the 4th Generation Online Colony Data Management App IN THE CLOUD. The most efficient way to manage your mouse / rat colonies and breeding data.

Why use SoftMouse.NET Colony Breeding Management?

To refine the way you monitor, maintain and optimize your rodent colony

Paper Labbooks & Spreadsheets

Inadequate / Error Prone


Smart Colony Management

Rather than maintaining records on spreadsheets that only a few people can access and interpret, SoftMouse lets you keep your data centralized, your records standardized and your research organized, all the while giving you secure access from any web enabled computer or mobile device.

Our laboratory has been using Softmouse for six months and found it to be extremely helpful for many reasons. Only one person in the lab maintains our large colony but anyone from the group can easily find out what the current mouse inventory is by logging onto the system. The software itself is very user friendly and the company staff is readily available by phone or email if questions arise.

Using Softmouse makes it much easier for lab members to assess which cages need to be kept for experimentation. No more frustration with trying to read notes on spreadsheets!

The email reminders that inform us in advance to wean cages aid in the decision to retain or euthanize pups.
The colony overview on the homepage of the account allows us to see the number of active cages being maintained, making it easy to compare cage counts with our facility record keeping.

For these reasons alone, Softmouse has saved us from many unnecessary cage charges that can accrue due to miscommunication or lack of organization in a lab setting.

We gladly recommend this software to any lab that needs an easy to use, cost effective method to maintain and organize their mouse colonies!
N. Nagy
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SoftMouse.NET Mobile Cloud Internet Colony and Breeding Management

Access your SoftMouse Data from Anywhere on our Intuitive Secure Platform

iPad, Android Tablet, Smart Phone, Laptop, Desktop

Access and update your colony and breeding data on a mobile device (iPad, Android Tablet or Smart Phone)
right from your desk, bench, animal facility or the comfort of your couch!

SoftMouse is simply the most intuitive online and mobile e-labbook colony management system.

SoftMouse.NET Protecting your Data and Intellectual Property

Information Security Management

Information Security Management policies were established in order to protect our SoftMouse subscriber's data, intellectual property and privacy.

SoftMouse is supported by a robust Information Security Management and Data Governance structure that encompasses application and IT infrastructure security policies, risk management policies, disaster recovery policies and research continuity policies.

Learn more about:     Information Security Management

Tools to Ensure Compliance Management

With SoftMouse’s advanced colony management system, staying compliant with animal regulations becomes easy.

Ensure that the housing density limit for mice is never exceeded preventing harm to the animals.

Ensure compliance with safety regulations by uploading and associating files with individual animal records, while date and time stamped historical data is kept securely in the cloud serving as a digital paper trail.

Learn more about:     Tools for Compliance Management

SoftMouse Browser Compatibility
Our policy is to provide a superior cloud and mobile user workflow experience for every SoftMouse.NET user.
To that end, SoftMouse.NET users are encouraged to use one of our supported browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge) for an optimal SoftMouse.NET workflow experience.

Learn more about:      SoftMouse Browser Compatibility

SoftMouse.NET Free Customer Support

Let's Talk about Mouse / Rat Breeding and Colony Management

We are continually improving SoftMouse to make it an even more valuable mouse / rat colony and breeding database for our customers. Specifically, SoftMouse is continually undergoing improvements based on feedback from the SoftMouse community. So please keep the suggestions coming. Get in touch and let's talk!    Contact us today

The SoftMouseDB has been invaluable in helping our lab keep track of the animal colony. We have about 1300 mice across ~40 lines at any given time, including many crosses. Iseehear's product allows us to change information across the entire database and has a multitude of functions to help with any size colony. The support staff is fantastic and the company will even try to tailor the product to individual needs. Also, their assistance with importing your existing data before you purchase is a great help.
K. Redding
Senior Research Specialist

Free SoftMouse Support Desk Services

Import Your Existing Data

Use the SoftMouse Data Import Tool to upload your legacy data to your secure SoftMouse cloud account. Whether you want to upload only a single line, or your entire historical colony, just give it a try!

Follow Workflows at SoftMouse FAQ

To get a closer look at how our features can best serve your needs, check the FAQ site. It's full of useful tips on how to get started, as well as general inquiries about mouse colony and breeding workflows.

Contact the Support Desk any time

We are always available to talk about how to optimize your workflow. Contact us about personalized online training or workflow consultations, available 24/7 when you sign up for the trial.

SoftMouse.NET Community

Join the growing global community of academic labs, breeding cores, biotech and pharma companies using the SoftMouse Colony Management System!

Here are a few of the institutions currently experiencing the benefits of SoftMouse.NET

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